Monday, November 16, 2009

kisah seorang gadis yang tak cun

aku dapat cerita ni semasa aku part 6 ke 7 ntah. tina bagi kat aku. dan aku simpan hingga ke hari ini. semoga ending cerita aku macam ending cerita ni...hmmmmm

She was not pretty but she had feelings..
One day, she felt in love with a guy. A guy she really had a crush on.
But she realized she was not pretty. So she kept it deep inside her heart.

She was not pretty. She knowing this, she still approached the guy she admired. Upon approaching him, she asked his name and asked for his number. They came into contact with each other. The lady was so happy and she felt nice talking to the guy.

She was not pretty. She had remembered this all the time. She knew she couldn’t say out her wish to the guy…however, one day she took up the strength to call the guy.

When she was about to pick up the receiver, the phone rang..It was him. Her crush...her guy of her dreams. He asked her out on that night. There was no reason for her to say no. that night; they went to a restaurant for dinner.

She was not pretty...This was proven to her at that night when the guy told her that he had a crush on another girl. Her heart was crushed into the pieces by her own crush…but she didn’t say a word. She knew it...she was not pretty.

She was not pretty…and she knew she won’t get her guy of her dream, so she intended to help the guy out. She took the guy to the lady whom he had crushed on. After a week, she saw the guy dating with the lady. She knew that there is no more hope for her.

She is not pretty and she made her loose her love. She just keep feelings deep inside her heart…but it was okay for her…as her love was happy with the lady he loved.

She was not pretty...but maybe her powerful love brought her guy back to her. One day, the guy came all the way crying to her. He said to her that he lost the girl, the girl play timer and dumped him. He was all in tears and didn’t know where to go.

She was not pretty but she loved him. She wiped the tears off the guy and gave a warm hug. The guy felt the warm feel gush through his nerves and touch his heart deep inside. He realized that this is his true love.

She was not pretty but she found her love finally and she was happy.

Consider the feelings of the people around you…you might just find that true love of yours. She may not be pretty but she might love you more than anyone could ever love you. And that is greater than some bithces idiots who don’t love you.


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